Cafe casino santiago de compostela

The Café Casino is a lounge, a museum and an exhibition hall. A cultural space, with a piano musical session on summer nights and preserves a terrace where you can continue watching life in Compostela. Enjoy a coffee, an infusion in a unique atmosphere in Santiago de Compostela.

Accompany them with one of our homemade cakes. A complete breakfast in the quietest moments of the day The Historic Café Casino of Santiago de Compostela is one of the places that are characterized as part of the patrimonial heritage of Spain. Cafe Casino was inaugurated in June 1866 at No. 35 of the street Rua do Vilar and was immediately the meeting point of bourgeois and aristocrats.

Until today, this magnificent Cafe held various cultural events. Indeed, at the Café Casino were organized events with Galician dances. The Historic Café Casino has an amazing wooden decoration that has been preserved to this day, while the magnificent wood carvings inside of the Cafe are made by Maximino Magariños, who was also one of the carpenters who decorated the famous Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.

The Café Casino is thoroughly linked to Art, Letters, and Culture. Exhibitions, book presentations, musical performances, etc. are hosted on the Cafe!

No one is unaware of this place whose façade and windows announce the majesty of a unique lounge in Santiago. Open since 1873, the building that houses the Casino of Santiago de Compostela is as relevant for its architectural aesthetics – lacking central beams – as for the sculptures that surround the space. In total there are 36 carvings of different themes and references to games of chance, confessions, etc.

The carvings were made by the sculptor and cabinetmaker from Compostela Maximino Magariños 1869 – 1927, author of well-known altarpieces, such as the one in Santa María la Mayor in Pontevedra or the one in the chapel of the Relics in the cathedral of Santiago. The area of the windows show coats of arms of the provinces of Galicia, of the Community and of the State. The friezes of the fireplace have shields of moons and others with five stars, symbol of Archbishop Alonso III Fonseca 1475-1534, one of the main promoters of the University of Compostela.

The Casino de Caballeros de Santiago had among its guests personalities such as José Saramago or Valle Inclán, who wrote many of his «esperpentos» here. Castelao also made a drawing referring to the Casino Cousas do Casino. Kings, actors and artists have shared this space that even today continues to be a regular meeting place of the Compostelan society.

Much more than a café, it is part of the visual memory of Compostela. Few picheleiros do not recognize the establishment with just a photo of its imposing entrance. In its most common use it is a cafeteria, but it is also a museum, a lounge or an exhibition gallery.

The Café Casino has existed since 1873, and was a regular meeting place for the upper classes. Castelao’s drawings give a good account of these meetings. Since 2002, any citizen of Compostela can enjoy a coffee, or a theater or reading activity.

The landscape is almost the same, but the people are no longer the same. The mythical Casino of Santiago, that social hall founded in the rúa do Vilar in the 19th century, is today the Café Casino, a place that continues to be a reference in the cultural life of Santiago de Compostela and where it is possible to taste hot and cold dishes, as well as a great variety of coffees, teas or ice cream. The Café Casino and the mythical O Gato Negro are the first two places in Compostela where the cameras of V Televisión have stopped.

But the search will continue in the next weeks, trying to scrutinize the best and the most characteristic of the hotel and catering business of Santiago de Compostela to serve it, on a platter, to the viewers of all Galicia. In Vicon Sistemas there are two types of customers that we love: those who start with illusion their catering business and count on us to succeed, and to be part of the most traditional bars, restaurants and cafes in Galicia, who choose us to improve and adapt to the new times. On this occasion, we are talking about this second case.

Our team went to Café Casino, in Santiago de Compostela, one of the most mythical places in the whole city and in Galicia, in fact. The project they asked us to develop was not easy, because designing a management program that would live up to its fame was a great responsibility. Santiago de Compostela is a city full of charming cafés.

From my point of view the city has so much charm that any coffee shop located in the old town is a good place to spend an afternoon. However, one café that especially captivated me was the Caf

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